The  24 solar term system is from the traditional East Asian lunisolar calendar that was created over two thousand years ago,
based on the observation of the sun’s annual motion. 
The  24 solar term system embodies traditional knowledge and social practices based on the perception of the regularity of
seasons, astronomical laws and other local natural phenomena occurring in the course of the year.
I create this series illustration to visualize the knowledge and features of each term.
立春 (Li Chun) Spring Begins The beginning of spring
雨水 (Yu Shui) The Rain  There is an increase of rainfall from then on
惊蛰 (Jing Zhe) Awakening of Insects  Thunder begins and hibernating insects wake up 春分 (Chun Fen) Vernal Equinox  With an equal length of day and night 清明 (Qing Ming) Clear and Bright  It is clear and bright, and it is time for tending graves
谷雨 (Gu Yu) Grain Rain  Rainfall is helpful to grain, and the early crops show their shoots.
立夏 (Li Xia) Summer Begins  The beginning of summer 小满 (Xiao Man) Grain Full  The seeds of summer crops begin to become plump but are not yet ripe 芒种 (Mang Zhong) Grain in Ear  The wheat becomes ripe, and the summer planting starts
夏至 (Xia Zhi) Summer Solstice  The daytime is the longest and the nighttime is the shortest of the year
小暑 (Xiao Shu) Lesser Heat  Torridity comes 大暑 (Da Shu) Great Heat  The hottest moment of a year 立秋 (Li Qiu) Start of Autumn  Autumn begins 处暑 (Chu Shu) Limit of Heat  Heat hides, every family place lights on the flowing river, lay offerings on the table or altar, and offer sacrifices to their ancestors 白露  (Bai Lu) White Dew   Condensed moisture makes dew white 秋分 (Qiu Fen) Autumnal Equinox  With an equal length of day and night 寒露 (Han Lu) Cold Dew  The weather becomes cold enough to reach dew point, but not cold enough to reach frost point 霜降 (Shuang Jiang) Hoar-frost Falls   The weather becomes cold and frost begins to form 立冬 (Li Dong) Start of Winter  Winter begins, all the animals are ready to hide and start winter sleep 小雪 (Xiao Xue) Minor Snow  Snow begins to fall, the weather becomes cold
大雪 (Da Xue) Major Snow  It snows heavily for the first time in the year
冬至 (Dong Zhi) Winter Solstice  The daytime is the shortest and the night
time is the longest of the year, the opposite of the Southern Hemisphere
小寒 (Xiao Han) Slight Cold   It is rather cold 大寒 (Da Han) Great Cold  The coldest moment of a year